information in space

interactive exhibits,
information showrooms,
infographic murals,
signage systems

information on devices

interactive data visualization,
infographic interfaces,
visual storyboarding and motion graphics

information of style

style guides for corporate infographics and data visualization

information in reports

annual and business reports,
business and statistics presentations,
process explanation for internal and external communication

information from research

surveys and research visualizations,
scientific processes explanations

information for advocacy

infographics for advocacy strategies,
storytelling for complex policy issues


clear communication aims

In close cooperation with the client, clear communication aims are defined with a personal meeting or workshop. In this phase, it is important to figure out who the main audiences are, to specify communication channels, and to question all existing content.

filter and structure content to close gaps

If necessary, all content is restructured and categorized to build a clean information architecture in order to detect any possible content gaps. Additional content may be researched to strengthen the communication aims of the given data set or information.

develop concept and find visual rhetoric

 When the content base is complete, visual metaphors can be found to transform data into information, and information into a storyline of knowledge. The main concept is developed within this phase.

sketch, prototype and test the concept

To avoid wasting time with premature details, the entire concept is sketched to make adjustments simple during the testing phase. The tests will call for modifications to improve and refine the concept. The project will be finalized and worked-out in detail only after the final approval of this phase. 

finalize the product
Everything in its right place. Clean shapes and graphic styles are attributed to each element of the sketches. If programming is required, all functionalities get adopted to the involved systems. A precise and careful approach to detail results in a visually attractive, harmonious and comprehensible product.



As a group of specialists, including a data scientist, a developer, a journalist and an information designer (me), we are building a multidisciplinary workshop for different participants. Soon we will present further details.

academic projects

Eventually I give short term projects or guest lectures on infographics at universities. One of my talks: „Infographics. Between Journalism and Commerce