I’m an avid detail observer by nature and visual metaphor finder by choice. With an Integrated Design background, my focus on Information Design came about through my enjoyment for grasping complexity and transforming it into accesible knowledge. My main pursuit its to give graphics not only attractive aesthetics, but also content depth and meaning. The visualizations and applications of data I create serve as tools for decision making, structuring, learning and understanding topics for businesses, scientists, and your grandmother alike.

Based both in Berlin and Mexico, living between the European and Latin cultures has given me a broad understanding for diverse audiences and the opportunity of building an international network of collaborators and clients. Working as a freelancer as well as a permanent employee for renowned brands and organisations, has contributed to my direction skills throughout the entire design process, from conception to final product delivery. These include brands such as Audi, Bayer, Microsoft, RTL or Siemens; and non-governmental organizations include Innovando la Tradición, Techo or SÖL.

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I’m not a fan of one-man-shows. The best results are always reached in teams of people with complimentary strengths, so working with me means also working with a network of talented colleagues out of the following fields:

Data Scientists
3D Artists